Hello, I’m Christian Veigt
A Senior Designer based in Colombia/South America

Hey there! I'm Chris, UX Designer at Twilio. I design Twilio’s authentication products.
My focus and main interests are about Product design, Visual design, UX/UI design, and Front-end development.
I also have some side projects: Breathe UI, Someicons, UI Sources, SquareFlex.

Currently I research about cohesive and holistic design systems and work on a secret side project called SquareFlex.


  • Cloud communications
    San Francisco, CA

  • Authentication Platform
    San Francisco, CA

  • Product Development Program
    Miami, FL

  • Learn to Code Platform
    San Francisco, CA

  • Development Consulting
    Miami, FL

  • Cloud Hosting for Developers
    Miami, FL

  • Real Estate Company
    Northland, New Zealand

  • Planning Calendar App
    Bogota, Colombia