5 Public Transportation In Malang You Could Choose

Have you ever visited the Malang city? If ever, which tourist location did you visit? In Malang there are many interesting tourist attractions. You could even say this city has very complete tourist spot. Starting from religious tourism, tour to historical places, and to enjoy the beauty nature in some natural attractions in Malang city.

The tourist who visit to Malang city not only like tourist attractions but also like the atmosphere in Malang city is still very clean. This is because in Malang city there are not too many industrial plants. Malang city still has a lot of forest area so the air in this city it’s still fresh and it’s clean. So that everyone on vacation in Malang is comfortable and and enjoy the holiday.

Some Public Transportation in Malang City That You Can Use

Before vacation, of course you must prepare some preparations firts. Especially if you come from outside the city like Semarang you have to prepare travel Semarang Malang first. Other than that determining transportation while you are in Malang is also very important. As for some public transportation in Malang city that you can use is as follows.

1. Pedicab

Source ; tribunnews.com

If you want to enjoy historical tourism in Malang city and using traditional transportation too so you can use pedicab. Pedicab is traditional transportation with tricycle and still use human power as its driving force. Besides unique pedicab also have very affordable rental fees and usually the cost of renting is determined by the near or far distance traveled.

2. Macito

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If you use travel Semarang Malang to take you from Semarang to Malang then to get around in Malang city so you can use Macito. In Malang Macito is a city bus specifically designed for take you around in the Malang city. Even this bus has two levels so for those of you who want to enjoy the beauty of the Malang city you can sit in the top bus section.

3. Taxi

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Almost in all cities in Indonesia already completed by taxi as public transportation in the city. For most people taxis are considered as one type of transportation which is easily rented even in urgent time. Although taxi fares are rather expensive if compared to other types of transportation but this is balanced with passenger facilities owned by taxis.

4. City transport (Angkot)

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Even though the Malang city is included in the city who has sophisticated technology but in this city still using city transport as public transportation for the community. City transport also often referred to as Angkot. Where this public transportation use special cars from the government so that the shape of the vehicle is different.

5. Online motorcycle taxi

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Currently technological developments include transportation sector. Where now you can order your transportation vehicle use your smartphone. Even just a click the transportation you ordered will pick you up where ever you are. Some online transportation that you can order in Malang city is Gojek or Grab and many more.
So that is some public transportation that you can use while in Malang city besides travel Semarang Malang.